Cable Bot _._._.

Cable Bots are robot monsters set in post apocalyptic future where only material at the disposal is old human technology such as electric devices and cables.


Work is established on authors obsession with cables, computer games and robots in a bit of post apocalyptic mood but still with positive vibe attached.


Based on multimedia interactive installations, sculpture, sound and photography light-boxes which are representing the computer screen.

Re-use of old materials as way to preserve the earth. Love for robots and enthusiasm for the  technology. All set to bring peace and to joy to the gallery space. 

Most of the sculptures has a use outside of just being pretty. Built in speakers, web cameras, chargers and more. 

Cable Bot audio 2.1.4. (OFF festival Bratislava 2019)

Open Studio: Cable Bots

Cable Bot 0.2.8.

Cable-tree 2.0.1

TEDx chill out zone

To recharge yourself in the ''shade'' of cable tree.

Cable Bot 1.0.4

Cable Bot 0.0.8

Cable Bot 0.0.4

Cable Bot 0.0.3

Cable Bot 0.0.1